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Hendrix By Amy Williams

“Those months after Hendrix was born prematurely were the most traumatic of my life, as I willed Hendrix to live. It’s been really emotional coming back to RMH Newcastle after 4 years. I wasn’t expecting to feel all of those emotions again, and I got quite teary when I walked in. But now Hendrix is here with me, and not up in the NICU. I love that.

“We now have our NICU family, lifelong friends we made while staying here at RMH. Some parents didn’t take their baby home, and we all supported each other through that. No one should have to go through that. We hoped it wouldn’t be our baby next.

“If we didn’t have Ronald McDonald House I don’t think we would have survived it. I honestly believe that. I feel so blessed everyday when I wake up and have Hendrix with me.” - NICU mum, Amy.

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