Kyesha Lee

One special little lady

Kyesha Lee's Story

Since she was diagnosed with Leukemia several years ago, she has survived scary operations, treatments and countless cycles of chemotherapy.  With her mum by her side every step of the way, she has been incredibly brave.

“Kyesha Lee has been so sick throughout her treatment since June 2019, and when she relapsed she was so brave again.  She’s always strong and helps the nurses, she just takes everything in her stride.  She’s been very scared at times throughout this, though always so brave and strong” says Terri, Kyesha Lee’s mum.

Kyesha Lee had a bone marrow transplant and spent months in isolation, but was recently able to go home and hug her siblings again.

About her plans for the future, Terri said “I just want my baby girl to be happy and healthy, I want to see her playing around with her siblings, her friends and our pets again.  I know the rest of her life is going to be closely watched by these amazing doctors and always have to have check-ups as there’s few long-term effects from so much chemo and after transplant.

It’s been so awesome staying at Ronald McDonald House Randwick.  They help on every level you need from accommodation, food, personal support. they are AMAZING and very special people.”

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