Our Matilda, she’s small, but mighty. That’s what we call her.


Taylor and Julie Weule welcomed their first born Matilda 14 weeks prematurely and weighing just 995grams.

“Our Matilda, she’s small, but mighty. That’s what we call her.”

The family was happy to call RMHC Sydney home while waiting on Matilda’s condition to improve. “By staying at Ronald McDonald House in Randwick we are a 5 minute walk to her bed. This made the transition of being discharged without her much easier emotionally.  Because of the House here in Randwick we’ve been able to keep our whole family together”.

RMHC Sydney is committed to creating and fostering a healthy community in the walls of the House in Randwick where parents can share common concerns and stories in support of each other. This sense of community alleviated so much of the family’s anxiety; “just knowing you have that strong support system around you with all the staff, volunteers, and other families makes this experience bearable”.

All in all, the Weule family stayed at RMHC Sydney for 56 days and now Matilda is well enough to be transferred to the family’s local hospital in Shellharbour. Taylor and Julie are still waiting for that special moment where they can take their little girl home and live a normal life with her, but until then the young family says they will always cherish the time they had together at RMHC Sydney and are forever grateful for its services.

“It’s hard to put it all into words what Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney does for our family, but quite simply they have kept our family close. We can’t thank their supporters enough for all the hard work they put into supporting such a worthy cause. All the pressure of the daily operations of life just melts away and we can simply focus on our little girl.”

Written by Tyler John Gerszewski

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